Go on a live video call when it matters

Funnel hot leads into a live face-to-face call & convert them immediately.

Available on the 'Grow' plan

Smart lead qualification

Use a pre-recorded video funnel to qualify leads, if they’re a good fit give them the opportunity to jump on a call straight away. 

Perfect for sales teams

Don’t make prospects wait around. Engage with your prospective customer at the point where they are most interested

Get notified

Receive notifications of incoming calls and if you can’t pick up, either collect a video, text or audio message and reply later or enable prospects to schedule a call directly in your calendar with one of our five calendar integrations.

How it works

Do you want to see the Live Call in action?

Watch the demo on the right-hand side to see how it is done!  👉

Enable the live call feature for your sales team.
image of live call feature